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(Chinese name: 西奇,similar pronunciation: [tʃiː] [ʃiː])

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Vote for Qi Xi for the ASM Student Council College of Letter & Science Representative.

Help contribute to a better university life for everyone on campus.

Make a Decision.

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Qi Xi
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March 3, 8AM – March 5, 5PM

7 Votes For Qi Xi

It is YOUR chance to make a better university!

Voting for Qi Xi means…

A Place Where Your Ideas Can Be heard.

I will hold a “Better Campus Life” contest once a semester in which you’ll have the chance to share your ideas on how to make a better campus. If your ideas are chosen, I will make sure your ideas come to fruition.

A Better University Experience that Costs less

Besides lowering tuition, there are many other innovative ways to enjoy a more affordable education experience. First, I will encourage a printing fund to help lower the printing costs and/or provide students with free printing. Second, I will help lower University Housing costs and lower the University Dining food prices for students living off campus. (Expect some great meal plans!)

A Community that Celebrates and Integrates its Diverse Members

As an international student myself, I understand the importance of diversity and cooperation among people of different backgrounds. If elected, I will be active in encouraging diversity groups on campus interaction among these groups. Everyone should have the equal opportunity to be shine and share their ideas.

A Community That Encourages Student Business

I will encourage a fund to help students start their own businesses. Cooperating with current student business resources provided on campus, I will more actively encourage student to engage in student entrepreneurship. Having started my own Internet company with my friends, Wormhole LLC., I personally recognize the value of student businesses.

An Easier Wisconsin Winter

I will work to make the winter life easier by (1) creating sheds for bike racks (because getting your bike covered in snow is no fun), (2) reducing the number of early classes, and by (3) increasing route 80 buses during class hours. I cannot speed up winter, but I can try to make you feel more at ease during it.

... and The Place with Changes YOU WANT!

Yes! I need YOUR voice! Tell me what you think will make a better university!

Quick Facts about 

Student Council Election

  • Spring 2014 ASM Student Election will be online from March 3, 8AM to March 5, 5PM
  • Every student at UW-Madison can cast up to 7 votes for Student Council Representatives of their own school or college.
  • There are 23 candidates running for College of Letter & Science student representatives and only 12 of them will be elected.
  • Last Spring, the elected College of L&S representatives got votes ranging from 791 to 1615.*
  • You can view the College of L&S Candidate Matrix online and learn more about the candidates.
  • After March 3, 8AM, your chance to make a better university is HERE.

* Data from ASM website

Owl - Qi Xi
Photo Taken by Qi Xi / 2013 Anchorage, Alaska